’Super Sperm’ to the Rescue: Pa. Couple Use New Way to Tackle Infertility

A new device found a Pennsylvania man's best sperm, helping give him and his wife what they most wanted.

Albert and Katherine Metz set out to start a family like so many other newlyweds.

But the couple from Hanover, Pennsylvania, soon realized something wasn't right.

Katherine soon began a fertility regimen. Still, pregnancy wasn't happening.


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"I mean we were very naive in thinking that it would work right away," Katherine Metz said.

Their fertility doctor then suggested Albert have his sperm tested. His sperm, it turned out, didn't pass muster.

"A lot of the army's on leave and the ones that are there don't know where to go," he told NBC10 in an interview.

The predicament that faced Albert and Katherine is not that unusual. According to the World Health Organization, male infertility is the sole or contributing factor in up to 50% of infertility cases.

Then the couple got some advice from Katherine's aunt, Dr. Ellen Wood, a fertility specialist in Florida. She recommended a new way to "prep sperm."

Wood described the way the Zymot device works: "The sperm are placed on one side of the chip and then they have to swim over a gradient, and then the sperm that make it are considered the superior sperm."

The Zymot was used and the best of Albert's best sperm were found.

After some more consternation during the in-vitro fertilization stage, two eggs were successfully fertilized.

"We have this little beautiful baby boy that's with us now and then we have one more baby boy that's in cryo preservation," Katherine said. 

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