Sunflower Field Blooms Behind Car Wash in Chester County, But Only For Two Weeks

The first batch of sunflowers behind the Please Wash Me car wash in Elverson, Pennsylvania, sprouted on Tuesday

The sunflowers behind a small, do-it-yourself car wash in Chester County only bloom for two weeks in the summer, but they attract tens of thousands of people who want to take pictures.

"People drive up to sunflowers and as soon as they see them their eyes are big, and everybody smiles,” Rick Frey, the owner of Please Wash Me car wash, said.

The first batch of sunflowers behind the car wash in Elverson, Pennsylvania, sprouted on Tuesday.

Rick estimated that last year 100,000 people visited the field last summer from different states and countries.

"It’s very emotional,” Frey said. "Everybody comes for a different reason.”

People go to the field to take wedding pictures, pregnancy and newborn photos and family portraits. Some people bring their dogs, cats, pigs, horses, cows, Guinea pigs and other animals for pictures.

Frey’s wife, Joey Frey, runs the company’s Facebook page. She received so many messages asking when the sunflowers were in bloom that she posted weekly "sunflower update" videos.

The couple anticipate a busy two weeks ahead as the flowers reach full bloom this weekend, Joey Frey said.

"We’re always excited,” Rick Frey said. "On the weekends it can get a little crazy.”

He has owned Please Wash Me for 15 years. He decided to plant sunflowers nine years ago when his business tanked because customers couldn’t see his car wash behind the tall corn in the field.

"It’s very humbling to have thousands of people come up to you and hug you and genuinely say ‘thank you’,” Frey said.

The sunflower field is free for people of all ages to visit and walk through and there is a ramp for handicap people.

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