Summertime Shrimp and Grits

Courtesy of Chef Lucas Manteca, The Ebbitt Room

1 lbs Peeled and deveined shrimp
3 tbsp Blended oil
2 quarts Local strawberries clean and halved
1 Red onion sliced
2 Poblano peppers sliced
2 cups Tequila Silver
½ cup Lime juice
1 pinch Salt
2 cup Raw sugar
1 box Instant Grits (follow instructions on the box)
1 lbs Vermont cheddar grated
1/4 lbs Butter
1lbs Milk
Salt and pepper to taste
For the Grits: Follow the recipe behind the box and replace the water for whole milk. On the last stage of mixing the grits in the hot milk, add the Vermont cheddar and the butter, mix, taste and adjust with salt and pepper seasoning.
While hot pour the grits in a buttered baking pan, smooth the surface with a pastry spatula, and place in a refrigerator until cooling down completely. Flip the pan onto a sheet pan and cut in squares 3 by 3 inches.
Heat up a pan and place a tbsp of butter, place the cake and brown both sides. 
For the Shrimp: Heat up 3 tbsp of blended oil place the shrimp on the hot pan, cook all the way and season to taste.
For the strawberry preserve: In a stainless steal pot in medium low heat, place strawberries, red onions, poblano pepper, lime juice, tequila, raw sugar, pinch of salt, simmer over medium low temperature, stirring carefully without breaking the fruit, about 40 minutes, until gets a jam thick look.
To finish the dish: Place the seared grit cake, place two shrimp per order on top of the cake and spoon a ladle of warm strawberry preserve on top.

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