Caught on Tape: Sugardaddy Shoplifter

Charlie's Jeans is

Charlie's Jeans got ripped off today, allegedly by a sugardaddy shoplifter who came into the store with his girlfriend.

The high-end boutique's security cameras caught the odd couple on tape and the shop sent pictures out to local media, asking for help and offering a $1,000 reward.

"This was just so blatant and such an unusual situation and since we just had such clear shots of both of them, we just wanted to get it out there," said Meredith, the store manager.

The couple came into the store at 1735 Chestnut St. around lunchtime and might have gone unnoticed except that he was very large (about 350 pounds) and limped, with the help of a heavy cane.

The girl tried on quite a few items and when she was ready to check out, the man, who she kept calling "Shoog," encouraged her to try on more clothes.

"The whole time, they really did seem like they were going to buy everything she was trying on," one of the workers said. 

"She was very happy," when it was time to finally ring up all $950 worth of high-end clothes. "She said 'thank you' and kissed him."

Then he grabbed all the bags and headed for the door. "And she says, 'No! No! What are you doing," the worker explained, "and he yells at her, 'Come on!' He seemed very angry."

They left without paying and the workers called police. The large man with a cane, a limp, a girlfirend and three large, orange bags from Charlie's Jeans, was last seen headed down Chestnut toward Market Street.

Hopefully hard to miss.

Worth $1,000 if you know more. Call the Philly police tip line: 215-686-TIPS.

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