Students Urge City Council to Solve Education Crisis

Students from Samuel Powel Elementary performed for Jannie Blackwell at City Hall, urging her and other council members to find a creative solution to solve the education budget crisis.

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Sarah Glover
Powel students hand Councilwoman Jannie Blackwell a box of 1,200 signed petitions, letters and/or cards. The students are asking council to come up with a creative solution to Philadelphia's education budget crisis.
Sarah Glover
Jai Abbott, 8, poses with her artwork. She is among a group of Powel students who came to City Hall to perform a routine for Councilwoman Blackwell.
Sarah Glover
The students talking with Blackwell. Today's event was organized by Public Citizens for Children and Youth ad the Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance.
Sarah Glover
Blackwell looks over the signed petitions.
Sarah Glover
Blackwell was presented with 550 signed petitions, 500 letters and an additional 200 signatures collected by students themselves. The petitions and letters ask City Council to save the schools from the budget crisis.
Sarah Glover
After talking with Blackwell, the Powel students walked throughout City Hall and stopped in on various council members, including W. Wilson Goode Jr.
Goode was in a meeting with his father Mayor Wilson Goode at the time the Powel students stopped by.
Councilman James Kenney told the students and their parents, "I promise we'll do on our end but now it's time for the state to step up."
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