Students Will Be Able to Live With Their Dog at La Salle University

La Salle University is now accepting applications for its first dog-friendly residence hall.

It's always a sad state of affairs when you're going off to college and staring back at you are the big, sad eyes of your childhood dog. You pat its head and head off, knowing the next time you see it probably won't be until Thanksgiving break, if not later. Maybe you shed a tear (or two).

But La Salle University is making the process of going off to college a lot less sad for both students and their pooches by announcing its first dog-friendly residence hall.

Beginning in the 2019 fall semester, upperclassmen living in St. George Hall will be able to live with their pups right on campus. The new dog-friendly residence hall expands the school's existing emotional support animal program to dogs that are only pets (though we all know that no dog is "just" a pet).

"We recognize that there are mental, physical, and emotional benefits to having a pet, and are excited to provide this option to our on-campus community," Vice President of Student Affairs Dawn Soufleris said.

Understandably, the campus doesn't want dogs going wild on campus, so there are a few restrictions to note.

For one, the dogs have to weigh less than 30 pounds, and only one will be permitted per unit. The pup will also need to be vaccinated and spayed or neutered.

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But those dogs that do make the grade will have some perks to look forward to, including an exercise area, on-campus washing station and "dog-friendly lounge space," according to the university.

Applications for the dog-friendly residence are already open.

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