Club Busted for Prostitution After Wives Report Men Blowing Grocery Money: Cops

There was definitely sex in the champagne room at Port Richmond strip club, police say

Seven female dancers and one male manager were arrested at the Penthouse Club in Port Richmond Friday after police received complaints that something more than a strip-tease was offered at the establishment.

Among those complainants were area wives who told police that their husbands were blowing families' grocery money at the strip club, police tell the Daily News.

Officers with the Bureau of Liquor Control raided the club on Castor Avenue Friday night, where men were paying $300 a pop to spend a half hour in a private room. And in this case, the cliché of “no sex in the champagne room” did not apply at the Penthouse Club, police say.

In the club’s champagne room and in the “skybox,” men could pay for sexual acts that included "the front door, the back door and the upstairs," Sgt. Bill LaTorre of LCE tells the Daily News.

For every trip a dancer made to the champagne room or skybox with a patron, management would receive $100 to $150 for the dancer’s extra work, LaTorre tells the Daily News.

"The house is getting rich, literally, off the backs of these girls," LaTorre said.

State police have not yet named those arrested and the Penthouse Club’s owners have not yet been charged, reports the Daily News.

LaTorre says that the investigation continues.

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