Street Money for Voters?

It looks like people who usually cash in on election day won't get their usual pay-out.

In the April primary, Presidential Candidate Barack Obama spurned the Philadelphia tradition of distributing cash to ward leaders for Election Day operations, saying his campaign doesn't "pay for votes or pay for turnout."

What exactly is "street money"?'s typically between $100 and $300 per voting division, is used to pay expenses such as meals and transportation and sometimes pay election workers for their day's work.

City Democratic chairman U.S. Rep. Bob Brady said he's confident the Obama campaign will come up with the money.

"The single most important thing you can do to get elected is to have street money!" according to Gov. Ed Rendell.

Many thought Obama had changed his mind and would provide street money for the general election, but at last check ward leaders said they still hadn't heard of a commitment from the campaign.

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