Street Racing Hit-and-Run Leaves Woman Injured, Police Say

Video shows aftermath of July 20,2019 street racing crash near 3rd Street and Pattison Avenue

Police say they have found an alleged hit-and-run driver, but are still searching for the woman apparently hurt during a street racing crash in South Philadelphia over the weekend.

Investigators released social media video Tuesday that shows the aftermath of the crash at 3rd Street and Pattison Avenue around 1 a.m. Saturday.

A woman can be seen being tended to after coming out from under what appears to be a truck trailer. As people gather around the woman sprawled out on the asphalt, a white car with purple puzzle piece designs on it remains stopped at the scene with its lights on, next to a crashed car up against into the trailer.

A man then appears to direct woman driving the white car, which police say appeared to be from out of the area, away from the scene.

Police said an attorney for the woman behind the wheel has contacted them. They continue to search for the woman who may have wound up hospitalized.

In another incident happening just after the crash, a woman said she was beaten and robbed, police said.

That 24-year-old woman said her car was struck. As she began to take photos, police said, two men began to punch her, took her phone and then ripped off her license plate before fleeing. 

Anyone with information is asked to contact Philadelphia police.

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