Stalking on Facebook Really Pays Off!

A drunk guy stole this woman's laptop, tax info and wallet. Facebook helped her crack the case.

Carla Pillo Mote, a Philadelphia Advertising Executive Director, had her company computer, delicate tax information and her wallet stolen by a drunken financial planner at a bar.

Long story (which you can find on AgencySpy) short, the drunk guy paid the bartender with a credit card and after Motes realized her things had been stolen, she asked the bartender if he had the man's name. He did.

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The woman filed a report with the police providing them with the suspect's name. Carla Motes then took to Facebook and managed to hunt the man down.

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She and a friend went to the supect's apartment, watched him pee his pants and reclaimed the stolen goods.

The best part? Motes sent a friend request to the drunk and the following day, he accepted. Poor guy didn't remember a thing.

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Carla Pillo Mote decided not to press charges.


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