Police Nab Ice Cream Shop Shooter: Sources


A teenager is under arrest, accused of shooting and killing a local DJ inside an ice cream shop that the victim lived above, multiple police sources told NBC10 Philadelphia.

Tom Watson, 36, was gunned down early Saturday morning as he unloaded his DJ equipment into his apartment, which is located above the Haagen-Daaz store at 242 South Street in Philadelphia, Pa.

Police sources with knowledge of the investigation tell us that Josephe Murray, 18 of Reedland Street was arrested yesterday. Murray left his phone at the scene and the information on that phone led to his arrest, according to sources.

Murray's motive was supposedly robbery because the victim was allegedly dealing drugs out of his home, the sources said.

Sources say that there is surveillance video of the killing. It appears the men got in an argument before Murray opened fire.

Arrest warrants were also issued for two other men -- possibly in their 40s -- believed to be involved, sources said.

Sources tell NBC10 that police are digging into other unsolved crimes to see if Murray was possibly involved.

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