South Philadelphia

South Philly's FDR Park to be home of North America's largest swing set

As part of $250 million worth of renovations, this summer the park will be home to the largest swing set in North America

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South Philadelphia's FDR Park is undergoing an overhaul.

A $250 million renovation project is currently underway at the 348-acre park that is intended to address park flooding, provide a variety of improvements and add a new $5 million, 2.15 acre playspace, the Anna C. Verna Playground.

The playground will be located near the park's new Welcome Center, that, organizers said, will "repurpose the park’s former guard house and stables, structures originally built in 1919" into a 8,000-square-foot Welcome Center with room for events -- and 14 public bathrooms.

As planned, the playground is expected to feature, what organizers called "three monumental climbing structures" along with slides that will spiral to the ground.

And, along with these amenities, the playground is set to be home to the largest swing set in North America.

Organizers called it a "megaswing" that will have room for thirty people and it will be situated in a circle around a "central shaded seating area."

The new swing set is planned to be available to the public in late August.

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