Man Gets Rehab for Beating Ex-Girlfriend's Dog With Baseball Bat: SPCA

The Pennsylvania SPCA hoped that a South Philadelphia man charged with striking his ex-girlfriend's dog with a baseball bat can be rehabilitated.

Andrew Wallace, 41, must go through 18 months of an accelerated rehabilitative disposition (ARD) program, must participate in anger management classes, complete community service and pay $2,500 toward the dog's medical care for severely injuring his ex's pit bull mix with a baseball bat in Sept. 2015, the SPCA announced Friday.

After the Sept. 6 attack, officers tracked down Wallace, of S 10th Street, at his place of employment and arrested him on animal cruelty and related charges. Philadelphia Police also charged Wallace with simple assault on his ex.

PSPCA CEO Jerry Buckley called the attack of Ruby the dog and its owner “heinous.”

"The Pennsylvania SPCA believes that no animal should be subjected to such blatant violent acts,” said Buckley. “In this case, we are pleased that the dog in question, Ruby, will have the opportunity to recover in her home and have the financial support to receive the best treatment available. We can only hope that through his ordered treatment, the defendant will change his ways.”

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