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Woman Crashes After Road Rage Driver Threatens Her With Baseball Bat and Chases Her

The woman suffered a concussion, broken heel and cuts to her head and face.

A South Jersey woman is grateful to be alive after she says a driver threatened her with a baseball bat and chased after her leading to her crashing her vehicle.

Tamika, who did not want to reveal her last name, told NBC10 she left her Mount Laurel, New Jersey home and was headed to work at Wawa the morning of February 16. She was driving on Ark Road when she encountered another driver.

“He was in front of me braking his brakes three or four times so I beeped my horn at him,” she said. “He did something in his rearview mirror which triggered me.”

Tamika said she returned the hand gesture. Then the man got out of his car and started waving a black baseball bat at her.

“I didn’t know if he was going to hit my windows or hit me," she said.

Tamika drove off and called 911. She says the man got back into his car and began following her.

“The lady on the phone with me was saying to be calm, stay calm,” Tamika said. “I wasn’t calm. I was scared this man was definitely chasing me and racing me in his car.”

Frightened, Tamika lost control of her red Impala and struck a tree. She said she doesn’t remember how fast she was driving but her car ended up split in half with the back end landing across the street and the front end landing about 50 yards from the place of impact. 

A photo of the victim's car following the crash.

“I wasn’t to the point that I blacked out,” she said. “I saw him look at me and kept on going.”

Tamika was airlifted to the Cooper Medical Center where she spent two days being treated for a concussion, broken heel and cuts to her head and face.

“I want to be able to drive but it’s going to definitely take a while,” she said while in tears.

Police say the suspect drove off. Police later obtained a surveillance photo of the man’s light grey or silver 4-door sedan. Investigators were not able to get the vehicle’s tag number but say the car has a noticeable softball size dent over the passenger side rear tire.

They also released a sketch of the suspect.

Tamika told NBC10 she doesn’t want revenge, only justice.

“You’re going to get yours period,” she said. “You doing what you did was wrong. I had angels watching me. Watching over me. I could honestly say that.”

If you have any information on the suspect or vehicle, please call Medford Police.

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