South Jersey Contractor Accused of Scamming Customers

A South Jersey home repair contractor is facing charges after he allegedly ripped off dozens of customers. As police continue to investigate, some of those customers say they’re still trying to get their money back.

Firas Emachah, the owner of Dream House Windows in West Berlin, New Jersey suddenly closed his business on June 9. Marie Kilbride, a former employee at Dream House, says she was fielding calls from several furious customers prior to the business closing, who claimed they put down big deposits but never received the work they paid for.

“It was very overwhelming because every day I worked there I felt like I was put in the shredder and beat up,” Kilbride said.

Gail Glosser, of Scranton, Pa. says she initially trusted Emachah because she had done business with Dream House in the past.

“The windows were perfect and we were very happy,” Glosser said.

Glosser then signed a $25,000 contract with Dream House for another repair job to her home, including a new front door, garage door and backyard deck.

“We put down half, which was $12,800,” Glosser said.

Glosser says the work should have started on May 1. But it never happened.

Both Kilbride and police say Glosser is just one of many victims.

“It’s not just one or two or 10 or 20,” Kilbride said. “It’s a lot of people.”

NBC10 tried to call Dream House Windows but received a message stating that there was a fire and that the business hoped to fully open again on the 18th.

“There was no fire reported at that business,” said Berlin Township Police Chief Leonard Check.

Police say Emachah is charged with writing bad checks along with theft by deception for allegedly taking money but not paying an employee’s child support to the state.

Police say more charges could be coming as more contractors, employees and clients come forward.

“There are three complaints currently in excess of $17,000 total,” Check said.

Berlin Township Police are reaching out to a county prosecutor for help with the case. Anyone who has done business with Emachah is also being told to come forward and contact the Berlin Township Police Department at (856) 767-4234.


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