Sons of Cooper CEO, Wife Ruled Out as Suspects in Parents’ Deaths

Authorities have yet to name a suspect in the deaths of the CEO of Cooper University Health System and his wife, who died in an intentionally set fire last month, but prosecutors confirmed the four sons of John and Joyce Sheridan are not suspects in their parents' deaths.

"At this point in our investigation, we are very confident that the four sons of John and Joyce Sheridan played no role in the death of their mother and father," said Geoffrey Soriano, Somerset County prosecutor.

John, 72, and Joyce, 69, were pronounced dead at their home on Meadow Run Drive in the Skillman section of Montgomery Township, New Jersey on Sept. 28.

Investigators announced Oct. 1 the blaze was arson and, on Thursday, recordings of the 911 call made by a neighbor revealed the caller heard "banging" from within the home.

The mysterious deaths remain under investigation. Authorities are awaiting autopsy results, which should be released sometime this month.

"As we have continuously maintained, when all laboratory analyses are received and reviewed by relevant participants in the investigations," Soriano said, "we believe we will be in a position to share the findings of our investigation."

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