Son-In-Law: “I Worked on Mansion with Taxpayer $”

Fumo’s son-in-law testifies

Christian Marrone, son-in-law of Sen. Vincent Fumo, took the stand in court and testified that, for the first 3 years of working for the Senator, he spent 80 percent of his workday doing renovations for Fumo’s Green Street Mansion, all while being paid with taxpayer’s money.

Fumo’s oldest daughter, Nicole, hasn’t spoken with her father since right before she and Marrone got married in 2003.

Marrone worked for Sen. Fumo for 5 years from 1997-2002.

Sen. Fumo and former aide, Ruth Arnao, are charged with using $3.5 million from the state, Citizens Alliance nonprofit organization and Independence Seaport museum to lavishly live it up.

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