So-Called ‘Vulture House' Demolished in Philadelphia

If this keeps up, Philadelphians might want to consider renaming their football team. 

The city's Department of Licenses and Inspections was set to demolish a long-vacant home that residents say has become home to a committee of turkey vultures. Yes, a group of the birds — sometimes also called buzzards — is known as a "committee." 

Christina Ali-Bey says she lives next door to the home and can hear the vultures scratching and walking around all night long, "like a horror movie." 

She's even afraid the birds will scoop up her tiny dog, Rocco, a teacup Yorkie. Other residents see the birds regularly picking through their trash. 

The birds are a protected species, so it's illegal to harm or kill them. 

Residents hope Thursday's demolition forces the birds to relocate.

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