Snowy Owls Spotted in Tri-State Area

Bird watchers from the tri-state area are flocking to local beaches, farms and parks to catch a glimpse of some special white owls that have been spotted recently.

Snowy owls hailing from the Arctic tundra have been seen all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware, and though it's not unusual for the owls to fly south for winter, the number of birds relocating is.

"It seems like somebody’s opened the floodgates, and there are multiple reports, all up and down the east coast..." American Birding Society President Jeffrey Gordon told KYW radio.

In fact, Delaware enviromental officials believe there could be as many as seven snowy owls across the state, according to

One reason for the influx of Snowy Owls in our area could be due to a boom in their population. Lemmings are the owls' food of choice and when the Lemming population booms, so does the snowy owls'. 

On the flipside, a shortage in Lemmings could also prompt a move south, according to National Geographic.

The white bird also eats fish, rabbits, rats, other birds.

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