Snow Day: 7 Ways to Keep Kids Busy Indoors

Snow days can be a gift and a curse for parents of toddler-aged children. Sure, it’s a gift to be able to spend more time with the little one, but how do you keep them occupied all day? Here are a few activity ideas that you can do using everyday items that you already have in your home.

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Make a homemade puzzle n (Items needed: paper, printer, and scissors. Cardboard box, tape and glue are optional)nUse a thick cardstock paper to print your child’s favorite family photo or any image. If you don’t have a weighty paper, print on regular paper and glue to a piece of a cardboard box. For older kids, have them help you cut the image into puzzle piece shapes. For younger kids, simple squares will do. The smaller the pieces, the longer they’ll be preoccupied with trying to put them together. The finished product can be taped/glued together and framed to be displayed on a family photo wall.
The Strong/ Toy Hall of Fame
Create a Cardboard Box Oasis n (Items needed: large cardboard box, crayons, markers, paint, stickers, tape, scissors) nPool all of your arts and crafts tools for this project. A cardboard box can be boatloads of fun for the little ones. Start with a leftover cardboard box and help your child make it their own by painting/drawing on the outside; create doors out of the box flaps; cut out windows on the sides. Let your child crawl inside of their newfound fortress with their favorite toys.
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Create a delicious picture n (Items needed: cereal, construction paper, glue stick, pencil or crayons) nDry noodles are boring; cereal is much more fun! Most of your children’s cereals have various colors in them. Pour a bowl of fruit loops, lucky charms or captain crunch. Grab a blank sheet of paper and help your child draw a picture of their favorite item, like a flower, basketball, or rainbow. Use a glue stick to layer the photo with colorful patterns of cereal. Yes, they can nibble while they create.
Play a tracing game n (Items needed: pencil or crayons, construction paper, tape, any small household items)nLittle kids love tracing. While you’re making lunch, line the table with construction paper. Tape the sheets of paper together to make a makeshift table cloth. Put a pile of traceable items in the center of the table. Fun items to trace include: wide tooth combs, plastic forks, knives, and spoons, watches, credit cards, or even their own hands. Let them trace and color items until lunch is ready to be served.
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Make some snow candy n (Items needed: honey, syrup or molasses, snow, brown sugar) nThere’s plenty of snow falling, you might as well put it to good use. Grab a bottle of honey, syrup or molasses (if that’s you thing) and heat it in a sauce pan with brown sugar. Have your kid scoop up a bowl of freshly fallen snow from outside. Pour the sweet, hot mixture over the snow. After it cools for a bit you’ll see that the mixture has hardened into a caramel-like texture. Let your kid pick pieces of candy out of the bowl to eat.
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Go for the technology fail safe nIf all else fails, hand over your device or laptop and send them to Seussville! Parents swear by this website which offers numerous videos and learning activities that will keep kids busy for hours:
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