Smerconish is an “Obamacan”

Conservative Michael Smerconish endorses Democrat Barack Obama

Smerconish is an “Obamacan”.  In Sunday’s Philadelphia Inquirer, Michael Smerconish, a staunch Republican for the past 28 years, announced he was endorsing  Democrat Barack Obama

The conservative talk-show host and writer  ("Smerconish")  is going against his party after judging Obama and McCain in five categories: terrorism, economics, running mates, opportunity and hope.

The newly - transformed Obamacan decided Obama was the best choice.   

One writer broke down the piece into a few interesting takeaways: 

Economy : Smerconish found McCain’s recent  "in good standing" assessment of the economy to be false.

Running Mates:  When comparing Joe Biden and Sarah Palin, “ S he remains an unknown quantity,” Smerconish said.

Now, some may think Smerconish just crossed party lines in accordance to his new found views, abandoning his  conservative playmates Glen Beck and Rush Limbaugh (can’t help but wonder their thoughts on this turncoat).

But, there's buzz that Smerconish is merely endorsing Obama  to better position himself for a full-time job with ever-so liberal MSNBC. 

Smerconish insists  MSNBC  won’t give him brownie points for voting Blue. 

And he's not getting a lot of points for the big switch from loyal listeners.  Smerconish says his voice mail was clogged after his announcement with messages from angry listeners who insisted they would never listen to his program again. 

"Many said they would never listen to me again. The passion in this election is unlike anything I've ever seen, and I've been around for a while," he said.

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