Police ID Alleged Smash-and-Grab Burglar

Police have identified a man who they say is responsible for dozens of smash and grab burglaries throughout the city.

Devon Powell(pictured), 49, is accused of burglarizing 25 restaurants and pharmacies in South Philly, Center City and Southwest Philadelphia over a six-month period, starting in September.

During each burglary, police say Powell threw a brick through the window during the overnight hours, broke in and then stole items from the business.

Investigators say Powell was captured on surveillance video tripping over a chair as he burglarized the Race Street Cafe during a recent incident.

"You watch the guy," said Neil Campbell, owner of the Race Street Cafe. "He enters the bar, acts a little tough and throws a bar stool to the ground. That same bar stool he trips over on his way out the door. You gotta laugh a little bit."

Police say cameras also captured Powell breaking into 19 Degrees Cafe in South Philly back on February 1.

'We see all this glass shattered in a million pieces," said Roy Huynh, owner of 19 Degrees. "He didn't notice he had a camera right up his face. He was clueless and acted like a true idiot."

While police say the suspect only stole four cartons of cigarettes from 19 Degrees, he ultimately caused about $4,000 in damage to the business when he smashed in the window.

Police say there's a warrant out for Powell's arrest. If you have any information on his whereabouts, please call Philadelphia Police.

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