Slick Road Kills Teen and Her Unborn Child

Car collided with school bus

A slick and winding road took the life of a teen and her unborn child Tuesday.

Nicolette Pomon, 17, was riding in the front seat of her friend Meghan Obendorfer's car when they approached a curve along the 900 block of Creek Road in East Brandywine Township, Chester County.

At the curve, Obendorfer, 18, apparently hit a slick spot and lost control of the car, police said.

The 2007 PT Cruiser fishtailed, slid sideways and crossed into the path of an oncoming school bus. Tires screeched, but a crash was unavoidable. The school bus hit the silver wagon in its passenger side, right where the expectant Pomon was sitting.

The impact threw the car to the side of the road, in a mangled mess.

Pomon, who was from Downingtown, died at the scene. She was nine months pregnant.

Obendorfer was rushed to Reading Hospital and is listed in stable condition.

The school bus driver was treated and released.

Officials are continuing to investigate the crash.

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