Sledding Accident: Child Hit by Car

UPDATE: Keith Davis was released from the hospital, according to Gloucester Township police. Police say, as of right now, no one has been charged. The accident is still under  investigation.

A boy playing in the snow was hit and then pinned underneath an SUV as he sled down a ramp he'd built in a driveway.

8-year-old Keith Davis rode his sled down the driveway and fell off, tumbling into the street and into the path of a sports utility vehicle, according to Gloucester Township Police Wednesday.

"He went under and he had tire tracks to head to toe," said Davis' brother Avonte Davis.

The SUV had just pulled away from the curb in front of the house on the 100 block of 9th Avenue in the Glendora section of Gloucester Township, N.J.

Michelle Verdi, the child's aunt, said she believed the woman driver saw the child and tried to stop, but was unable.

"I think the car did see them coming and slowed down, but it was too late. She literally ran over my nephew," said Verdi.

The little boy was trapped beneath the vehicle when police and rescue crews got to the scene Wednesday afternoon.

Crews from Glendora and Gloucester Fire Departments worked together to get the little boy extricated, according to police.

He was in critical, but stable condition Wednesday night at Cooper University Hospital. Davis suffered a broken leg and shattered arm, which will require pins, the child's aunt said.

The accident is being investigated by the Gloucester Township Traffic Safety Unit.

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