New Jersey

Six Flags Great Adventure Goes Solar Powered

The theme park is now one of the 1st in the world to be 'almost fully' solar-powered

Six Flags Great Adventure Solar Project

Your next roller coaster ride could be powered by the sun.

On Wednesday, Six Flags Great Adventure in Jackson, New Jersey, announced the completion of an expansive, 23.5-megawatt solar power project.

Carports installed in three parking lots provide shade for park-goers' vehicles and absorb sunlight through roof-mounted solar panels. Forty acres of ground-mounted solar panels were also installed.

Excess power gets fed back into the power grid to supply local homes and businesses. It's the largest of its kind in New Jersey.

"Clean energy is right for the environment and our future, and we look forward to decades of environmental stewardship," Six Flags Great Adventure Park President John Winkler said.

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