Sinkhole Nearly Swallows Pickup Truck

A huge sinkhole on a city street nearly swallowed a pickup truck this morning, now what?

Now, the Water Department says that a resident of the 900-block of Randolph Street in Northern Liberties has to pay for the repair of the gaping hole that almost swallowed a gray Dodge pickup.

"$2600," says Larisa Dersko.

When asked why she had to pay, Dersko says she didn't know. The water company found the infrastructure of the street completely washed away with a 6-inch water main leak and they say Derkso is responsible because they believe the hole was caused by a leak in her service line.

Derkso, who's been without water for a week, tells NBC10's LuAnn Cahn that she called on Thanksgiving, days before the hole opened up, to report that something wasn't right.

Neighbors are frustrated that Derkso is responsible for the hefty repair bill. They say that this has happened many times, as recently as last May. They want the water department to fix the entire street.

The hole has been covered with wood planks pending permanent repairs.

NBC10's LuAnn Cahn is working on getting residents the answers.

Check back with for new developments in the story.


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