Shore Town's Parking Plan Faulted?

A judge has found a conflict of interest in a New Jersey shore town's ordinance that restricts overnight parking.

The judge says Point Pleasant Beach Councilman Michael Corbally should have abstained from voting because he sells real estate in the town.

Mayor Vincent Barrella tells the Asbury Park Press the town will appeal the ruling and seek a stay to keep the parking restrictions in place.

“What we have here is a poorly reasoned, horrendous decision by an appointed judge that disenfranchises the voice of hundreds of voters in Point Pleasant Beach,” Barrella said.

Attorney John Jackson says the ordinance should never have been enacted.

The parking ban likely would not have been adopted had Corbally abstained in March because the council was split 3-3. The mayor, who only votes when there's a tie, agreed with the restriction.

The town reserved overnight parking in one section for residents only to reduce noise from people leaving the boardwalk. 

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