Shore Houses Have Potential to Host Visitors During ‘World Meeting of Families’

LBI is Open 4
Ryan Morrill/The SandPaper

With the Pope’s visit to Philadelphia in September drawing millions of people to the city, there may be potential for shore houses to open their doors to those flocking in.

The World Meeting of Families will be hosting events all week long from Sept. 22 to Sept. 27 across the city, leading suburbs and nearby areas to open their doors as hosts for those spending a week for the congress.

New Jersey and Delaware are extremely popular locations for weekly rentals during the summer months, with areas like Long Beach Island, Seaside Heights, Rehoboth Beach, and many others offering beach-front properties for a variety of prices.

However, September can also be a very intriguing time for potential renters, said Steve Moran, a rental agent in the Long Beach Island area.

“The best-kept secret on LBI is, if you don’t have school-aged children, and you can do it, this place is paradise in September,” Moran said. “We have great Indian summers here.”

Moran added that he hadn’t gotten any calls from people asking about rentals during the weekend that the Pope is in Philly, but explained that he normally starts getting calls from people about fall rentals in June or July.

Visitors that are interested in a smaller portion of the World Meeting of Families schedule of events could spend a few days on the beach in addition to spending a few days in Philadelphia. It wouldn’t be much different than visiting the beach in the summer, Moran noted.

“Everything is still open,” Moran said. “Rates go down anywhere from 30 to 50 percent. The water is warm, it’s beautiful.”

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