Couple Caught on Camera in Liquor-Down-Pants Thefts

State Police are looking for a man and a woman who have been allegedly shoplifting from several New Jersey liquor stores

Several New Jersey liquor stores have been shoplifted of high-priced bottles recently and state police believe a man caught on camera stuffing booze down his pants and a woman distracting the clerk are to blame for all.

The man, whose face is clearly shown on multiple surveillance videos, drops as many as five bottles of high-priced liquor into his pants in a matter of seconds while his female counterpart acts as a diversion, police say.

“There’s got to be something inside the pants that’s holding the bottles,” Country Club Tavern owner Russ Buckingham, who's store was one of the targets, told NBC Philadelphia.

The couple has stolen hundreds of dollars worth of alcohol from at least five stores in Cape May, Atlantic and Cumberland counties since June, police say.

“It’s almost too much for one person or two people to drink themselves,” Buckingham said. “I’m sure they’re just selling it at a 50 percent discount and just pocketing the cash.”

Workers in the stores have yet to catch the couple in the act.

Investigators say the two have been seen in a white four-door car, which might be an older Saturn, with a rear spoiler. They have also been seen in a maroon subcompact vehicle, police say.

Anyone with information should call New Jersey State Police at 609.561.1800.

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