Shooting Death of “Bruce Willis” the Dog Tragic, but Legal

Tragic? Yes.
Crime? No.

An Upper Gwynedd couple's dog was shot to death right in front of their condo complex last month, as the husband held the retractable leash of his beloved "Bruce Willis."

The man who fired his Glock 23 three times was a law enforcement officer from out-of-state who was visiting his father at the same complex. He was out walking his father's dog, Lulu.

Stan Rosenblatt was about to take Bruce for a walk at the same time the out-of-state officer was bringing Lulu back from her walk.

Rosenblatt said he warned the man not to open the lobby door just yet because he wasn't sure how the two dogs would get along. He says the out-of-state officer opened the door anyway.

Bruce got out of the building on his retractable leash and according to the Montgomery County District Attorney's office, the out-of-state officer had reason to believe that Bruce, an Akita mix, was going to attack Lulu and possibly attack him. That's when he shot Bruce three times.

A month after the shooting, the DA's office said no charges will be filed. The incident was tragic, but not criminal.

You can read the entire statement from the Montco DA's office.

And here is the original story where Bruce's owner, Stan Rosenblatt got choked up walking through his version of what happened that night.

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