Shocking Testimony in Alleged Sex-for-Tix Case

Officer testified that Finkelstein called herself a "whore" who "loves sex"

"I'm a prostitute. I love sex. I'm a whore."

Those are the statements accused sex-for-World Series-tickets purveyor Susan Finkelstein allegedly made to an undercover police officer in late October.

A Bensalem Township police officer testified at a preliminary hearing Wednesday that the Philadelphia woman not only offered up her body for two tickets to a Phillies World Series game, but also sent three topless photos of herself.

"I take strong issue with the allegations that were made today that Mrs. Finkelstein told the officer that she was a prostitute and a whore," defense attorney Bill Brennan said. He said if that claim had been made, it would have been included in the original affidavit.

The officer also testified that after he questioned her sex at the meeting inside Manny Brown's pub at the Neshamity Mall, Finkelstein allegedly "spread her legs" and asked the officer "would you like to touch it?"

Finkelstein's attorney protested the testimony, claiming that out of four officers involved in the sting, only the one officer heard the alleged statements. The conversation also wasn't recorded.

"It's salacious and it would have been easily corroborated if one of those other cops came up and sat down and participated," he said.

Authorities arrested Finkelstein after conducting an undercover sting operation stemming from a Craigslist ad she posted looking for tickets to the World Series. In the ad, the married, mother of two called herself a creative "gorgeous tall buxom blond" who was "in desperate need" of tickets.

Police answered the ad asking the poster to send over a photo. Finkelstein responded -- sending three topless pictures of her "buxom" bod. When the topic of payment came up, the woman allegedly responded: "my currency is unconventional."

"It was very hard to hear the untruths about me and my actions without being able to respond," Finkelstein said. The case cost the woman her PR job at the Wistar Institute, she says.

Finkelstein, 43, obviously denies that she offered up home plate for the tickets, but never regretted posting the ad saying, "I seriously don’t think I did anything wrong by writing an ad that was cheeky." She also didn't deny sending over the topless photos.

"She's here charged with a crime," Brennan said as he brushed off the photos. "The crime isn't bad taste, the crime is prostitution."

Prosecutor Steven Jones says the evidence supports the charges of prostitution and promoting prostitution.

"There's a little more to this case than is led to believe," Jones said.

The Bucks County judge apparently agreed with Jones, holding the case for trial.

Brennan says they will seriously consider filing motions to have the case seen by a higher court in lieu of a jury.

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