Generator Likely Causes 2-Home Blaze: Fire Official

Everyone was lucky to make it out unscathed after a fire spread to two homes.

The local fire marshal tells NBC10’s Monique Braxton that it appeared the fire along Brownstone Lane in Horsham, Montgomery County, Pa. began just after midnight when a resident tried to get a gas generator going in the shed behind his home.

“I think he was trying to provide power to his refrigerator to keep his refrigerator going,” said Horsham Fire Marshal George Fida. “I don’t believe it was a heat issue, it wasn’t that cold tonight.”

Fida said the home’s power was turned off at some point Tuesday. Somehow the shed caught fire and then the flames spread to the twin homes.

Seven people and several pets from both homes made it out of the fire uninjured and were staying with nearby neighbors.

Firefighters said there were working smoke detectors in both homes.

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