Caught on Cam: Shark Comes Ashore at Ocean City Beach

Another shark was spotted at a Jersey Shore beach Tuesday. An NBC10 viewer sent us video of a shark that came ashore on the 36th Street Beach in Ocean City around 1 p.m.

A fisherman caught the shark and a crowd gathered around to look at it. The viewer who recorded the shark told NBC10 it survived and was eventually placed back in the ocean. 

An official with the Marine Mammal Stranding Center said the shark was likely a Sandbar Shark. Sandbar sharks, which are extremely common in our area, can grow up to eight feet and are not considered dangerous to people. 

The latest sighting comes a day after lifeguards in Margate and Avalon called swimmers out of the ocean after spotting sharks close to the shore. 

The public is on a heightened alert for sharks after a series of attacks in North and South Carolina over the past few weeks.

Shark attacks among humans are extremely rare. Tim Heim, a marine biologist with the Atlantic City Aquarium, told NBC10 last month people are more likely to be struck by lightning than attacked by a shark. There have been no recent shark attacks along the Jersey Shore or Delaware beaches.

A half-eaten dolphin carcass washed up in North Wildwood last month sparking the interest of vacationers and shark lovers on social media.

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