Shallow Pool Fundraiser

Friday is the deadline date for Philadelphia’s fundraising campaign to meet a $1.2 million goal that will keep some city pools open.

In November, Mayor Michael Nutter announced that 68 city pools would be closed because of major budget cuts in the city.

Right now, the city is coming up short by $700,000 according to Metro International.

The campaign has generated a total of $500,000 in donations from businesses, individuals and nonprofit groups. An additional $110,000 gift was just received according to WHYY.  The city has yet to release the corporation’s name.


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The $1.2 million is needed to keep 30 pools open six days a week. If the campaign is able to raise $600,000, that will keep 30 pools open for three days a week said Mayor Nutter.

"If we get to March 6, which was the stated deadline, and we have not reached the goal we were looking for, we will see what can be done," said Doug Oliver, Nutter's spokesman.

The Splash & Summer Fund is a three-year campaign to keep 30 pools open until the summer of 2011.

Mayor Nutter is expected to deliver his budget proposal to City Council on March 19th.

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