Bucksco Mom Going to Prison for Teen Sex Sleepover

Teen party got out of control with suburban mom.

Angela Honeycutt will spend 8-1/2 to 17 months in prison for her part in a teen party that turned into a sexual sleepover.

Honeycutt was supposed to be helping her Lower Makefield friend supervise a party at the friend's Lower Makefield home last April.

Prosecutors say Honeycutt got drunk, kissed and exposed herself to some of the 9th grade boys at the party and then showered naked with two of them.

One of the boys said he had sexual intercourse with Honeycutt in the shower. A second boy said he had other sexual contact with her.

Last month, a jury acquitted her of charges that she had sexual contact with the boys.

39-year old Honeycutt was convicted of two counts of corrupting the morals of minors.

Her friend, Lynne Long-Higham, was sentenced to two years' probation.


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Long-Higham said in Bucks County Court on Tuesday that her ability to control the gathering at her home in April was hampered by a reaction to a psychiatric drug she had just begun taking. She had pleaded guilty to endangering the welfare of children and corruption of minors and testified against Honeycutt in court.

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