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Serving up Justice: Delco Pizza Delivery Driver Helps Nab Alleged Car Thief

On Sunday, while making a delivery, a driver for Cocco's Pizza in Aston stepped in to end a police chase

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A 29-year-old driver for Cocco's Pizza in Aston, in Delaware County, helped police apprehend a fleeing, alleged car thief, after stepping in as a police chase unfolded in front of a home where he was making a delivery.

"I honestly feel like I did what anybody else would do," the driver, Tyler -- who asked only to be identified by his first name -- told NBC10's Brian Sheehan. "That's kind of how I'm feeling is, like, people think I did something extraordinary, and, I don't really think I did. I think I just did what you're supposed to do in a situation like that."

NOTE: The video includes language that may be considered offensive.

Officers with the Brookhaven Borough Police Department were in pursuit of a 17-year-old suspect that had allegedly stolen a car. The fleeing teen's vehicle hit a pole along a residential street where Tyler was standing on a doorstep, still holding a hot pizza and waiting for the homeowner to pay for their meal.

Doorbell camera video shared online shows police cruisers swarming the scene as the teen tries to flee. Video shows Tyler jumping into action and tripping the suspect as he ran by, helping police make an arrest.

And, while police appreciated the assistance -- the Brookhaven Borough Police Department even offered Tyler a job in a social media post -- Brookhaven Police Chief Michael Vice issued a general warning again intervening in police activities.

"I understand the pizza ended up being delivered without any further incidents." said Vice. "But, in all seriousness, we do ask people to not intervene. We do want to let the police handle it. But, in this case, it did work out."

When asked if this incident might make him consider taking the police up on their job offer, Tyler told NBC10 that he's happy to continue his career in pizza delivery.

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