Serial Attacker Ties Up,Terrorizes Victims for Hours

Police want to get this guy before he gets more violent

$20,000 is now on the head of the serial attacker who binds, robs, assaults and then terrorizes his victims.

Philly police say there's no question he'll attack again. He has struck at least three times, once near the UPenn campus and twice in Center City.

During the latest attack on two UPenn co-eds, he assaulted one of the women repeatedly for four hours.

He was armed with a knife and a gun. Police said the terror level was about as high as it can get; his victims weren't sure if he was going to put a knife through their back or a bullet through their head.

The Citizens Crime Commission has upped the reward to $20,000. Police asked the public to help catch this guy before he attacks again and before he gets more violent. In each attack, the suspect was also wearing a mask.

The three attacks he's connected to:

December 19, 2008
-Daylight. 3pm.
-4400 Block of Spruce
-Confronts co-ed with a knife.
-Forces her back inside her apartment.
-Robs, binds, gags her.
-Roommate comes home.
-Robs and sexually assaults her repeatedly over a 4-hour period.

October 22, 2008
-9th & Clinton
-Night. 11pm.
-Confronts young couple with knife.
-Forces man and woman into apartments.
-Robs, binds, gags both.
-Sexually assaults woman repeatedly.

October 21, 2008
-12th & Lombard
-Attempted Assault
-Tried to assault woman as she approached her apartment building.
-Her screams alerted neighbors and occupants.
-Suspect fled.


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