September is Prostate Cancer Awareness Month

Show your support by taking the #EatItToBeatIt Challenge

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Prostate Cancer Foundation

In recognition of Prostate Cancer Awareness Month, the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) is challenging Americans to show their support for men affected by prostate cancer by taking a simple challenge to eat 30 healthy foods during the month of September. The “Eat It to Beat It” campaign is a national effort to raise awareness about prostate cancer and show that making healthy lifestyle choices can have a meaningful impact in potentially reducing risk and improving outcomes.

According to PCF, 30% of cancer is preventable with lifestyle factors. Eating healthy and exercising can prevent any number of chronic diseases, and in some cases, like diabetes, it can even help reverse some of the most dangerous effects. You can learn more about how lifestyle factors influence prostate cancer outcomes.

1 in 9 men will get prostate cancer in their lifetimes. If you are African American, that number increases by 76%. We know that lifestyle factors, otherwise known as “social determinants of health,” play a huge role in health risks, health equity, and outcomes. While eating healthy and exercising can’t stop you from getting cancer, it can lower your risk.

- Prostate Cancer Foundation

Although PCF has made considerable advances in addressing disparities in prostate cancer among Black men through research and treatment over the past 25 years, more work needs to be done. One in nine men will be diagnosed with prostate cancer in their lifetime, but for Black men, the likelihood increases by 76 percent and they are twice as likely to die from it as white men. Lifestyle factors, also known as social determinants of health, play a significant role in cancer risk, health equity, and outcomes. Eating healthy and exercising can lower one’s risk of developing prostate cancer.

To help create awareness about the link between healthy lifestyles and reduced cancer risk, PCF invites the public to join the “Eat It To Beat It” challenge during this September’s Prostate Cancer Awareness Month by eating 30 foods selected from its Periodic Table of Healthy Foods and sharing their journey – whether it’s cooking a new recipe or tasting jicama for the first time — on social media using #EatItToBeatIt.

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