SEPTA Sets TranPass Limits for 2014

Broad Street Line SEPTA Station crop

For those SEPTA riders who share their SEPTA TransPasses with friends, coworkers and fellow students -- there is an end in sight for the unlimited use of your TransPass.

In 2014, SEPTA will institute TransPass limits "to prevent pass sharing," according to SEPTA press officer Andrew Busch. The pass limits enable SEPTA to quantify an individual pass' use.

"We looked at the average number of trips a person would take per week and then added trips to that," said Busch.

Fare increases for SEPTA were approved by the SEPTA board in May and those fare increases rolled out in July. As part of the fare increase overhaul, SEPTA will also introduce a new payment technology system next year, which will include the limit on the number of times a TransPass can be used.

The pass limits will consist of 56 trips for weekly TransPass users and 240 trips for monthly users.

The cost for a weekly pass is $24.00 and monthly pass is $91.00.

The new pass limits will go into effect in mid-2014 when the new electronic pay system launches. No firm date has been set for the launch. Passengers will be given notice once the new system launches, according to Busch.

Need more trips than the TransPass limit? Additional trips can be purchased by reloading the new smart pass card.

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