SEPTA Shuttle Busing Route 10 Passengers as Crews Tear Up Lancaster Avenue

Route 10 trolley passengers will be shuttled bused during track replacement from May 5 to July 20

What to Know

  • SEPTA is replacing a dilapidated section of trolley tracks along mostly Lancaster Avenue from May 5 to July 20.
  • Route 10 trolley passengers will be bused during the construction.
  • Drivers should expect posted detours as the project is done in three-block sections.

Drivers and SEPTA riders should be prepared for changes coming to their normal routines along a busy West Philadelphia route in the coming months.

SEPTA announced Tuesday that crews will begin tearing up and replacing the Route 10 trolley tracks in both directions from 54th Street and Lansdowne Avenue to Girard and Lancaster avenues from May 5 to July 20.

Crews will begin at 54th and Lansdowne Sunday before going east down Lancaster Avenue in three-block intervals over about a 0.7-mile stretch. Lanes will be entirely closed during construction except for emergency vehicles and limited access for delivery and trash trucks, SEPTA said.

SEPTA will shuttle bus Route 10 trolley passengers between 63rd Street and Malvern Avenue and 33rd and Market streets for the entirety of the nearly three-month project. Passengers can then board any routes 11, 13, 34 or 36 trolleys to get from 33rd and Market to Center City or to begin the journey from Center City to Overbrook.

The busy intersection of 52nd and Lancaster will be closed to all traffic except trash pickup and emergency vehicles from May 28 to June 7, SEPTA said.

Parking will not be permitted in the construction zones and detours will be posted as the project moves along.

In its news release, SEPTA explained the need for the replacement and why it will leave commuters feeling fewer bumps:

“The street structure supporting the tracks has deteriorated due to weather, traffic and the age of the road surface. SEPTA crews will excavate and replace track, including the curve and switches at 52nd and Lancaster, and repave the track area. The new track will result in reduced sound and vibration because the new rail is encased in an insulated rubber boot. The new and improved track components will make for smoother ride and allow SEPTA to continue to provide safe and reliable trolley service.”

SEPTA said it will make accommodations for people to be able to walk up to businesses along Lancaster Avenue and for people with special needs.

For neighbors and businesses concerned over noise and dust, crews will be working from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday to Friday and could work on weekends if necessary. SEPTA has calculated the possibly of inclement weather into its construction timetable, the agency said.

Riders can track detours and stop changes on SEPTA’s System Status page and by following @SEPTA_TRL_10 on Twitter.

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