SEPTA Releases New Modified Schedule, Adds More Rail Cars

CLICK HERE to view SEPTA’s new Regional Rail Interim Weekday Schedule which will be effective Monday.

As SEPTA’s Regional Rail slowdown hits its third week, the transit authority will once again adjust its schedule to help with overcrowded trains and ease the burden on passengers.

SEPTA spokesman Andrew Busch announced that five more cars, which are being leased from the Maryland Area Commuter Service (MARC), will be put into service on SEPTA’s Regional Rail system Monday while another five are expected by the middle of next week.

“This adds to the 18 leased passenger cars that were put into use this week, including five from Amtrak, eight from NJ Transit and the first five from MARC,” Busch wrote in a released statement. “When the last of the MARC vehicles arrive mid-next week, SEPTA will have 28 leased passenger rail cars in service.”

Changes to the Regional Rail Interim weekday schedule will also go into effect Monday and include enhancements on some of SEPTA’s most heavily traveled lines. Timetables for the new schedule can be viewed HERE.

List of Major Changes to Service:

SEPTA removed 120 Silverliner V trains – a third of its rail fleet – from service earlier this month after workers discovered a serious structural defect on the trains. Since then, riders have faced overcrowding and lengthy delays even after SEPTA added more train cars and modified its schedule last week. 

“This is an evolving process, and we will continue to make changes to optimize service for our customers,” said SEPTA General Manager Jeffrey D. Knueppel. “We are extremely grateful for the use of this additional rail equipment. MARC, Amtrak and NJ Transit have been great partners in what is a very challenging time for our customers.”

In addition to the Regional Rail schedule changes, customers can also find alternate modes of travel HERE.

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