SEPTA Police Piloting Body Cameras for Officers

The police force of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Transportation Authority is having officers wear body cameras as part of a pilot program.

Three members of the 260 officer force are wearing the small cameras on their uniforms this week.

The transit authority says they will be testing the cameras to "determine the effectiveness of the technology."

SEPTA Police Chief Thomas Nestel tweeted a picture of the camera saying he's "very excited" to test them out.

Should SEPTA deploy the cameras, it would not be the only local police force to use them.

Evesham Township Police in Burlington County, N.J. announced on Tuesday they are rolling out 48 cameras for its officers. The system cost the department $55,000.

Richland Township Police in Bucks County, Pa. started using wearable cameras in June. It was a move lauded by the Bucks County District Attorney. Richland Police's cameras are attached to glasses worn by officers.

Philadelphia Police have also tested the technology, but have yet to make a decision about whether to use them.

Body camera advocates say they provide transparency and protects officers against false claims by suspects. The footage can also be used as evidence in court.

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