SEPTA Makes $7M Deal With Verizon that Has Everything But Naming Rights

SEPTA is getting millions of dollars to plaster another corporate logo on a train station.

But in a twist, the station's name is staying the same.

First it was AT&T buying naming rights for the Broad Street Line station near the stadiums. Then Jefferson purchased naming rights to what was Market East Station. Now Verizon is spending even more to "dominate" advertising rights at Suburban Station, but SEPTA Chief Financial Officer Richard Burnfield says the familiar name stays put.

"Three years, approximately $7 million station domination is provided to Verizon along with a Verizon store here at Suburban Station," he said.

Burnfield says with "station domination" it will be difficult to miss the Verizon name.

"Advertising at the platform level in the station concourse, the video walls and the free-wifi for customers and a new store."

The video walls will include train schedules and other important information.

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