SEPTA Introduces New Transit Map That Includes Bus Routes; Prepares for Regional Rail Improvement Project Starting Saturday

The map is the beginning of a bus network redesign and construction south of 30th Street Station will affect multiple Regional Rail lines

What to Know

  • SEPTA released a new transit map that includes its more than 100 bus routes.
  • The map is the beginning of a large, multi-year bus system redesign project.
  • SEPTA begins construction on Saturday that will greatly affect service on Wilmington/Newark, Media/Elwyn and Airport Regional Rail lines.

New SEPTA Transit Map Includes Bus Routes

SEPTA is adding many more lines to their transit map.

On Thursday, the Authority released a version of their system map that includes the more than 100 bus routes running in and around Philadelphia.

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The newly-designed map uses colors and line-thickness to show how often a bus route runs.

For example, thicker red-colored bus lines run every 15 minutes whereas thinner gray-colored bus lines run every 60 minutes.

The new map also conveys other transit lines in greater detail to show express service stops and Broad-Ridge Spur origin stations.

“Previously, there was no easy way to look at our network as a whole. We thought it would be a good idea to develop new easy-to-understand tools to show our customers what we have now, so we can start thinking about what we could have in the future,” SEPTA said on its website.

The upgraded map won’t replace the ones you see on the subway or on the train but are meant to be used in addition to it.

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One hundred of the new transit maps have been printed and will be primarily posted in transportation centers where customers may transfer between SEPTA services, SEPTA’s Chief Press Officer, Andrew Busch said.

Communicating existing transit options is the first step in SEPTA’s multi-year bus network redesign project.

“As SEPTA gets ready to rethink its bus network, the maps and new communications tools will help customers better understand how to take advantage of our existing network, while also using it to explore how we can improve it in the future," SEPTA General Manager Jeffrey Knueppel said.

If you have any feedback about the new map, SEPTA wants to hear from you. Submit your feedback on their website.

Construction to Affect Airport, Media/Elwyn and Wilmington/Newark Regional Rail Lines Starting Saturday

Nearly 27,000 daily SEPTA riders who take the Airport, Media/Elwyn and Wilmington/Newark Regional Rail lines will be affected by the Southwest Connection Improvement Project construction starting Saturday, July 20.

The project will rebuild infrastructure — some nearly 80 years old — like overhead power lines, track switches and drainage in an area just south of University City station, according to SEPTA.

During construction, train service will be affected in the following ways until Sunday, Aug. 4:

• The Airport Line will run shuttle buses instead of trains between Eastwick, Airport Terminals, and 30th Street Station. Airport shuttle buses will not service University City station.

• The Media/Elwyn line will run trains between Elwyn and 49th Street Station on an adjusted timetable. Passengers will transfer to shuttle buses at 49th Street to continue towards University City and 30th Street Station.

• The Wilmington/Newark line will run trains between Newark and 30th Street Station on an adjusted timetable. Trains will arrive and depart on the lower platform of 30th Street Station. Service will not run to or from Suburban, Jefferson or Temple University stations.

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Other lines with slightly adjusted timetables are:

Glenside Combined

Lansdale/Doylestown Line

Manayunk/Norristown Line

Paoli/Thorndale Line

Warminster Line

West Trenton Line

For full details on service impacts, visit SEPTA’s website.

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