SEPTA Bus Drags, Kills Man in Wheelchair

A SEPTA bus hit and killed a man who was crossing the street in his motorized wheelchair Friday afternoon, according to witnesses.

Witnesses say the bus was turning from Girard onto 8th street in North Philadelphia, hit the wheelchair and dragged it for about half a block.

Passenger Maurice Glass said he saw the man in the intersection and felt the bus hit him. Glass said the bus accelerated and swerved onto the sidewalk, almost hit some gas pumps and then swerved across the street toward a building before it stopped.

It was the Route 47 bus, operated by a driver with 16 years of experience, according to SEPTA.

About 25 people were riding the bus when it happened and a dozen or so people on the street saw the accident.

SEPTA and police investigators were interviewing both passengers and witnesses Friday night to get more information.

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