Philly Teacher Needs Your Help to Pay for Harvard

A Philadelphia teacher needs your help funding his Ivy League Education.

Zac Chase, a teacher at the Science Leadership Academy in Philly, has been accepted to the Harvard Graduate School of Edcuation's Master Program.

The problem? The school's program bears an estimated $60,000 price tag -- more than Chase, 30, can afford by the April 15 decision date.

Now Chase has turned to the public by asking, "Will you invest in me?" on his blog, Autodizactic.

"The more I thought about crowdfunding my education, the more sense it started to make," said Chase.

The teacher created a profile on Chip In, a website aimed at helping people raise money towards a cause. He has set his goal at $40,000 by April 14, which is proving to be a tough price to pay.

As of April 6, Chase has only collected seven percent of his goal -- about $3,000.

For those who donate, Chase promises to give back to his helpers.

"The usual model for people who donate to scholarships for students is that they give money and never really know what the recipients of that aid are doing or learning," says Chase.

Donators will be able to access a daily blog, receive a personalized thank you, and join in a monthly online discussion group as an incentive.

If the goal is not reached by the deadline, Chase has agreed to donate the collected money to the Science Leadership Academy.

"Either way, the money will be investing in education," said Chase.

Help this Philly teacher make it to Harvard by donating here.

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