Philly Non-Profit Not That ‘2nd Mile'

West Philly thrift store sees business drop as people mistakenly connect them to the Penn State child sex abuse scandal

The Penn State child sex abuse scandal has shocked the nation and made at least one West Philadelphia non-profit a victim of mistaken identity.

Business has dropped about 30 percent over the past week or so at the Second Mile Center Thrift Store at 45th and Walnut Streets, the organization says.

The West Philly thrift store, where you can get great deals, has absolutely no connection to “The Second Mile” organization at the center of the Penn State child sex abuse scandal that rocked State College last week.

"We are being in essence silently victimized by the story in a way that we don’t seem to be able to control," said thrift store worker Gerry Sterrett.

The West Philly non-profit even put out signs to let the public know that they have no connection to Sandusky or the scandal.

“Just letting people know because we’ve had a lot of negative response,” said Ron Lucas with the Second Mile Center. “People have been coming in angry and hostile thinking that we are part of that organization, which we are not.”

The Second Mile at the center of the PSU sex abuse scandal is a non-profit organization founded by ex-Penn State assistant coach Jerry Sandusky more than 30 years ago.

The non-profit Second Mile Center thrift store helps ex-cons and others get back on their feet and re-enter the work world. It isn’t a charity for children like the State College-based organization linked to Sandusky.

The Second Mile Center hopes that people realize that they are helping ex-cons and have nothing to do with the alleged charges against Sandusky.

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