New Jersey

Search Renewed For Four-Decade-Old Disappearance of Two Boys in New Jersey Pinelands

More than 42 years ago, two boys disappeared from a state facility in the Pinelands of southern New Jersey.

They were never seen again.

Now, the FBI has joined up with state investigators and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children to look for new clues in the mystery that remains unsolved.

On April 7, 1975, Steven Anderson, 17, and David Williams, 12, disappeared from a sprawling residential facility now known as the New Lisbon Developmental Center in Woodland Township, Burlington County.

"Many search efforts were done, but they were unable to find anyone," Detective Paul Vanaman of the state Department of Human Services police told NBC10.

New resources and expertise prompted authorities to re-trace the steps of the original investigators as well as run additional tests in the hopes of uncovering new information.

But FBI Special Agent John Mesisca said investigators also hope to find new witnesses from long ago as well.

"Memories fade. Witnesses die off," Mesisca said. "[But] it could just be that one phone call, that one bit of information that leads to a conclusion in this case."

Anyone with information regarding this case is asked to call the Atlantic City Resident Agency of the Newark Office of the FBI at 609-677-6400 or their nearest FBI Office. Tips can also be submitted online.

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