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Search for ‘Chief Tattoo Officer' for Philadelphia Union Soccer Narrowed Down

The Philadelphia Union soccer franchise has narrowed down its, um, interesting search for a CTO, otherwise known as "chief tattoo officer."

The team is describing the position as "unlike any other ever sought after in professional sports and a spokeswoman said a hire likely will be made in the next two to three weeks.

Thirteen tattoo artists and parlors were named Monday as finalists for the gig, which will become instant work for whoever is hired. Three people associated with the Union, vice president of marketing Doug Vosik, fan club Sons of Ben member Corey Furlan and an unnamed Union player will get tattooed simultaneously at the announced hiring, a press release said.

"The next step of the evaluation process will see Philadelphia Union players offer their input in the hopes of narrowing the field down to a final five, based on the criteria of the top five being an artist from whom they would want to receive a tattoo," the release said. "Vosik will then visit each shop personally to get to know the artists ahead of a final selection. The Union are looking for not only a great artist, but also for great people with which to work."

The 13 finalists are:

Northern Liberties Tattoo

Bone Daddy’s Tattoo

Omkara Tattoo

True Hand Society Tattoo

Art Machine Productions

Philadelphia Tattoo Collective

Dave Shoemaker Tattoo

Myke Chambers

Davidian Tattoo

Dan Czar Tattoo

Kristopher Kolodziej

Chris Peters Tattoo

Megan Kovak

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