Search Continues for Missing Nurse as New Video Surfaces

Tuesday marks the third week anniversary of Paul Kochu’s disappearance and many questions are still unanswered as new surveillance video has been released.

The footage shows the Pottstown native– who was last seen around 1:30 a.m. on Dec. 16th- walking two blocks away from his house near the South Side Giant Eagle in Pittsburgh.

Paul Kochu’s family is glad to see that Paul was alive after he left the apartment, but it has also made them worried because it appears that he is hurt in the video.

“By the way he is walking, it looks like something is injured,” Paul’s father, Jack Kochu said. “It may be his shoulder, back or head, but there is some other injury that Paul sustained before this video was captured.”

The surveillance footage has left the Kochu family confused as to what really happened to Paul that night between the time he was seen leaving the Smoking Joes bar and when he was seen staggering around outside.

“The problem is that there is two hours and forty six minutes that we know absolutely nothing about,” Jack Kochu said.

Paul’s family has been back in Pottstown since Dec. 23rd but has been making trips to the Pittsburgh area to aid in the search for their son.

Coworkers and friends of the Alleghany General Hospital nurse are still looking for him in organized searches or on their own.

Pittsburgh Police have turned their efforts to the river in the hopes to find anything new related to his disappearance.

The police are dropping sonar devices into the Monongahela River that are about two blocks away from Paul’s apartment. The devices can pick up objects based on their density and then reflect images and shapes from underwater.

Recently, the Kochu’s have found solace in the similar story of Shane Montgomery and the discovery of his body in the Schuylkill River over the weekend.

“It gave us a sense of relief because now the Montgomery’s have an answer. Something that I hope we get soon,” Jack said.

Since Shane’s case has been closed, the family hopes that his supporters can now turn their efforts towards finding Paul.

For more information on Paul Kochu’s disappearance, visit the Find Paul Facebook page.

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